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How to become the ultimate children’s coach, make a difference and start your own business today.

Coach Kieran | Kieran Fletcher

Coach Kieran | Kieran Fletcher Professional Speaker, Children’s Author and Founder of multi-award winning and OFSTED registered FUNDA Children’s Development, Physical Education & Childcare provider, established for 10 years and situated in the North West, UK

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How To Make A Difference Everyday Coaching Children

Do You love coaching children?  Do you have so much fun coaching children? Perhaps you are just volunteering for FREE?  Maybe you are not getting paid yet? Possibly if you are getting paid the rewards are only small in conparrison to the difference you make coaching children every day.

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How To Become The Ultimate Children's Coach

Do you want to become the ultimate children’s coach? Do you want to go to work everyday knowing that you have made such a difference in the world?

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How Do I Get Started Coaching Children

Lot’s of people have approached me lately and asked me; ‘Coach KieranI want to become a children’s coach, How do I get started coaching children’? 

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